Our Approach

We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty, if it means helping to make things better.

When we spotted an age-old challenge that we thought could be overcome with our unique approach, the decision was obvious.

Our Approach to Reducing Risk Factors Associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Deaths

When we discovered the lack of reliable and science-based guidance around safe sleep practices we took action. Looking deeper, we found that the tools to help parents deliver safe-sleep were lacking. Parents were met with confusing and conflicting advice, from their own families, parenting websites and even the medical community. Often the advice didn’t make practical sense and didn’t seem to be well grounded in fact or science. The tools parents needed were not available to them. This did not sit well with us.

 We began researching and learned that there are multiple factors that may lead to SIDS deaths. The medical and scientific knowledge-base is constantly growing with new findings that cause the advent of new guideline practices for parents. We found it’s near impossible for parents to keep up and so they don’t.

We discovered that parents are routinely educated that overheating is an A-level risk factor that has been associated with SIDS deaths, but the guidelines on how to deal with this fact were lacking. More often than not, they led to increased anxiety, as the call to action was not clear. The good intent of the educating and warning words was not met with adequate mitigation practices in the eyes of parents. Now with a significant pain-point highlighted and understood, we set about to learn more, with the goal of exploring an innovative solution.

A Revolutionary Approach

Diving deeper, we learned that overheating was often caused by overdressing at sleep-time. Every day, parents are forced to enter a spiral of trial and error when dressing their infants, guessing the appropriate amount of clothing to use at sleep-time, for a given room temperature and ambient condition. Trial and error is not a practice parents ever want to use with their newborn and so they search for solutions. The internet and social media are rife with questions and well-meaning replies that can only be wrong. The simple truth is that this problem is overly complex and impossible to solve remotely without case-specific information. Creating a safe-sleep environment requires specific knowledge of the infant, its specific nursery conditions and its specific clothing options. Broad guidance was always administered here as case specific guidance seemed impossible. It did not seem impossible to Innogized. This was the call to action. We could see a better way. Although, we’d seen the same things everyone else, we thought differently. We set about driving change in a unique way.

Many others attempted to create a ‘down-stream’ solution and developed monitors and obnoxious alarms that do just that, alarm parents when the infant’s temperature exceeds a threshold value, after the baby has already been exposed to danger.  We did our homework, listened, and dared to dream differently. Uniquely, we dreamed a proactive ‘up-stream’ approach, that empowered parents to create safe sleep environments anywhere and every time. We set out to arm parents with the tools they needed to do just that.

When treated quite literally, this appears to be a question of thermodynamics, and the status quo dictates this was a challenge for the Thermal Sciences to solve. Once again, as is the case with many things, Innogized saw this differently.

The unique Innogized method of collapsing the boundaries of the sciences, engineering and technologies and considering problems from a scientifically agnostic viewpoint and with a truly holistic approach, many benefits could be realized and unexpected results observed.

cares – coaches – cheerleads

Not another wearable

Neut  is the first tool of its kind that empowers parents to create safe sleep environments any time and every time.


  • Learns your specific baby
  • Analyzes your environment
  • Analyzes your sleep-clothes
  • Knows your preferences
  • Provides specific guidance
  • Maintains specific safe-sleep conditions
  • Provides case specific education for parents

Neut™, the world's first careable for your baby

Reaching Beyond Limits - and achieving new feats

The Innogized holistic approach to R&D allows us to reach beyond the primary goal and realize other, equally or more valuable goals.

During the exploration and discovery process that led to the concept of Neut, we learned about thermoneutrality, and its value to parents and infants alike.


Thermoneutrality is the state of being neutral with regard to heat effects, it’s the temperature at which an organism doesn’t need to expend calories in regulating body temperature – which for infants means it promotes restful sleep and allows the baby’s metabolic processes to focus energy on growth and development.

About Lisa Falkenstein…

  • Founder of Nurtured Foundation
  • Postpartum Doula
  • Newborn Care Specialist
  • Pediatric Sleep Trainer

*Lisa is an independent, unpaid safe-sleep advocate who has over 20 years of experience providing newborn care for new families.

new thinking for new parents

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The dividends of new thinking.

The Innogized approach is truly unique. With that comes the dividends.

Rather than ‘band-aiding’ a pain-point with a one-dimensional product development, the approach pioneered by Innogized Technologies yields valuable discoveries and the advent of powerful multifaceted platform technologies.

While the core technologies on-board NeutTM enable an intelligent system that empowers parents to create case specific safe sleep environments, those same technologies are far reaching and have the capabilities to disrupt vertically, horizontally and beyond, as is the case with many truly transformative technologies.

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