We are Innogized.

We are in a time marked as history’s highest rate of change, disruption, ambition and

opportunity. Now is the time for innovation. This is the time to challenge the status quo, it’s

the time for action. For taking risks, being bold, and designing a better future. By exploring

the limits, and pushing beyond, we make the change we seek. We act sooner, smarter, and

never give up. We energize the process of innovation. We are curious, insatiable, relentless,

disruptive and transformational. 

We are Innogized.

Innogized Technologies innovates hardware and software solutions designed to create a better everyday life. We provide unique tools and insights that empower and enable.

Innogized Technologies drives discovery, and pioneers powerful new technologies to fuel growth and to power success. Together we ask questions, connect the dots and strive to realize the true potential of technology, discovering new opportunities that empower us to make an immediate, significant and lasting difference.

To deliver transformational discoveries and technologies to the world, direct to the consumer, immediately propelling the economy and improving lives.

Together we’ll build something sustainable that truly makes a better future.


No labels - no limitations

Innogized Technologies was founded by Oliver and Sarah Smith, and inspired by an overwhelming curiosity of the interaction between technology and life. By collapsing the boundaries of the sciences, engineering and technologies and considering problems from a scientifically agnostic viewpoint and with a truly holistic approach, many benefits could be realized and unexpected results observed. A successful Technical Fellow Scientist working in a leading Berkshire Hathaway technology company, Oliver knew that many previously insurmountable challenges could be overcome with this new perspective.

More than a team – a singularity

A singularity in physics is a point that has infinite value. Collapsing the boundaries of science changed our lives, the way we think and act, and increased our potential for impact; our core objective from the start. We dedicate our lives to the pursuit of a better tomorrow; focusing on technology deeper than others go with a relentless momentum that accelerates progress in multiple dimensions. We see what others see, but think what nobody has thought. Our team is a force majeure. Passionate, driven, focused and proven to deliver remarkable feats on time, time and time again. Every day we gain energy, are stronger, more agile, more capable and more ‘Innogized’.

We are hiring

engineers creatives leaders data scientists social media managers YOU

The bad news is time flies - the good news is you're the pilot

Innogized Technologies is a rapidly expanding company with a highly dedicated team who bring together diverse expertise and a life-defining passion to use their skills to create significant impact and improve lives. Now is the time to get on-board as we rapidly scale. We are a fast-moving two-time Federally awarded technologies start-up, building strong foundations by bringing together the most talented and innovative minds in the industry. If you’re interested in joining our mission, as a team member or investor, please get in touch. 


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